Marie Brown: “I feel like a rock star!”

“I feel like a rock star” said Mayoral Candidate Marie Brown, Wednesday as she knocked on doors in South Monroe.
Brown said some residents “have been shut in so long, that they welcomed me with my masked face and all,” she said humorously.

“I’m surprised they even recognize me, I’m so covered up, but I feel good helping. That’s what I do,” she said.

While some mayoral candidates and slacked off of their campaigns, Brown said she has spent time checking on the elderly and getting assistance for those impacted by the virus.

“Everywhere I go, people are surprised to see me still knocking on doors, trying to help. This is just what I do. I’m serious. It has nothing do with the campaign. The day after the election, win or lose, I’ll still be knocking on doors and trying to help the poor and elderly,” she said.

The mayor’s election will be held in July. Without media attention, Brown has been quietly delivering masks, cleaning supplies and other helps to poor families in South Monroe.