Thank God things have changed!

By: Cadence Wright

The longer we live, the more we get to see the world evolve. I’m only 11 years old but I have seen many things change. If you can find a faster and easier way to do something you will always make lots of money for it. When I see pictures of old technology everything looks strange and big for no reason. It seems everything has gotten smaller as the years go by.

My Granny and my Nana both still have these big box screens sitting on the floor in their dens. They say those are televisions. No way! That TV is ginormous.

I know that’s not a real world but it fits because those TV’s were enormously gigantic for no reason at all. You don’t need that big ‘ole box just to watch TV. It is so big you can hardly even put furniture in the room because it takes up so much space.

Today, we have large, movie sized TV screens but they are flat screens. They go on the wall like a picture and take up no space at all. I can only imagine. If they had what we have today back then, we would have even better stuff today because things always evolve.

Clothes and hairstyles have changed a lot too. I saw a picture of my dad when he was in High School and he had a part in the center of his hair. I told him he looked weird. I don’t know why they thought that was good because it looked a hot mess. Today, we wear parts and designs on the side of our hair.

They also wore baggy pants and bell bottoms in the old days. Today, we wear skinny fit jeans and joggers. I saw a picture of bell bottoms. There is no way I would be caught dead wearing those ugly pants.

They had on these huge wooden shoes called “Platform Shoes”. Those people looked silly back then. I bet they used to trip every time they walked with those big ‘ole pants on and those hard shoes. I know it had to be some messed up hurting feet and blistered toes back then.

Cell phones are the coolest invention ever! My dad showed me a youtube video of something called a Rotary Phone. It was big, ugly, and it had a long spiral cord attached to it. I know it had to be hard for them back then to have to always be in the same room when they talked on the phone. Those phones had a big ugly dial thing on it and you had to put your finger in the hole by the number you wanted to dial and turn it around. That means they actually had to memorize people’s phone numbers. All I have to do is push their name or picture on my phone and my phone calls them automatically. Memorizing everybody’s phone numbers had to be a headache!

I am so glad God chose to make me come in the world in today’s time because my mom and dad had to be suffering back then. They couldn’t even google to find information.

My dad says they had some books called encyclopedias. Of course he had to tell me how to spell that. If I had to use an encyclo-whatever it is today I would lose my mind. T

hose books were too heavy to be carrying around all day. I just pick up my phone and say “Ok Google” and google tells me whatever I want to know.

Things keep evolving and they change every day. I just might live to see cars fly!