The Easter “Son”rise

By: Adesha L. Madison


From the time there was “Away In The Manger,”
Born of Mary’s womb,
Joseph’s son was destined to conquer death,
Stage set in a
borrowed tomb.
For the spiritual “son”
to rise,
The earthly “sun” had
to set,
A life-transforming Friday,
Sinners never will forget.
All day long Saturday,
Jesus lay at hell’s gate
Just so our soul Salvation,
Would no longer have
to wait.
But, early on Sunday morning
Mary no longer had
to weep
For she learned that her little boy
Was not dead,
But merely fast asleep.
And that he had done as he has promised
All along that he
would do,
By choice and not
by force,
To God’s word he had been true.
At God’s command he took death
And ran it through
his veins
Just so that Humankind would never be the same
Thank God for
Jesus Christ,
Easter is about more than dying eggs
Because he thought enough of us to die
For our eternal
life instead.