YouTube is more than Social Media!

By: Cadence Wright

I’ve seen pictures of old televisions in people’s houses. A long time ago everything was in black and white. I don’t know how they watched all their favorite shows with no color. Later on, they got color but they had to watch their shows on these gigantic television sets called Floor Models. That’s exactly what they were too. They took up half the floor in the room. Before cable people on only had one or two stations and they had to have an antenna just to see the channels. Today, we have the internet and everything is faster and easier.

YouTube is the world’s biggest social media site except now it has become more than just social media. YouTube has just about replaced television now. Whatever you want to see I guarantee you they have it on YouTube. You can watch it on your phone and even sync your account to your home television. Anywhere you are you can watch your favorite YouTube channels. Youtube has gotten so popular that now the main networks put their shows and movies on YouTube as well. They were the original streaming site, long before Netflix, and they are still doing it big today.

If you want to learn how to fix something in your house there are tons of DIY stations on YouTube. D.I.Y is short for Do It Yourself. If you want to fix your plumbing they have DIY videos to show you how to do it step by step on YouTube. If you need help with your homework there are people who have tutor videos on YouTube for every subject. If you are building something, it doesn’t matter what it is, I guarantee you there is a step by step video on YouTube. Even if you don’t know how to change a baby’s diaper, they have DIY videos for that too. It’s pretty cool because now you can learn special skills by just using YouTube. If you get good at it, those skills can actually help you start a career.

YouTube also has tons of documentaries. If you want to learn about History or Science there are tons of videos designed to educate people. I watch a lot of the animal videos. They show you how people train the animals and some of the animals that are becoming extinct. You can see educational videos of Historical wars from American History and even Black History. One good thing about YouTube is there are people who research a lot and they share they research with the world on YouTube. If you don’t understand something in the bible there are people who explain it to you on YouTube.

The best thing about YouTube is that you can make money from it. If you have your own YouTube channel and you get a lot of followers they pay you. YouTube puts commercials on your videos and when enough people watch them they will give you money. There are a lot of kids who have their own Youtube Channels. Some of them have millions of followers and they make a lot of money. A lot of them do dumb stuff to get views but a lot of times it really is funny. My brother and I watch YouTube all day. Most of our friends do too because YouTube has people who show you how to play your favorite video games. They show you tricks and shortcuts to help you get a higher score. You can even record yourself playing your game and upload it to YouTube.

A lot of grown people like Netflix and Hulu but I like YouTube. Now they even have YouTube Red where you can watch movies on YouTube. YouTube Music lets you watch all the music videos that have ever been made. One channel gives you so much it’s hard to turn it off!