Man allegedly threatens to kill his girlfriend

Brandon Damon Crawford of 5330 DeSiard St. was arrested Monday for domestic abuse battery strangulation.

According to the police report officers made contact with the victim who said that her live in boyfriend, Brandon D. Crawford had made threats to kill her. The victim stated Crawford made the same threats on September 17, 2018 at 5330 DeSiard where he was in possession of a knife.

The victim admitted she did contact the police in reference to the previous incident. The responding officer stated he reviewed the investigation and found that a battery had occurred due to the victim’s injuries. The victim stated contact was not made with Crawford at that time.

The victim stated that Crawford did return at a later time at which they became involved in a fistic altercation in which Crawford struck her in the mouth. The officer admitted he did observe a freshly caused injury inside the victim mouth to her bottom lip.

Officer then spoke to Crawford who advised that he did not strike the victim during their altercation and that the victim approached him in an aggressive manner while being armed with a metal baseball bat. Crawford said that the victim did not strike him with the bat but he did wrestle the bat from the victim during the altercation.

The officer did not observe any injuries to Crawford. Crawford was charged with domestic abuse battery strangulation.