Two men charged with crimes against Black Walmart shopper

Two white men who were caught on camera harassing a black Walmart Shopper in the parking lot calling her a “Nigger” and ramming her car with shopping carts are being sought by West Monroe police for hate crime violations.

West Monroe police say warrants have been issued for Dylan Reynolds and Michael Walters, each on a charge of Felony Hate Crime. The alleged crime happened at the Walmart Supercenter on November 29th, 2018.

According to West Monroe police, “On 11/29/2018 the West Monroe Police Department was dispatched to Walmart (1025 Glenwood Drive West Monroe, LA) in reference to a disturbance/property damage call for service. Upon arrival, it was learned a black female victim was terrorized while exiting the store in the parking lot area of the business for no apparent reason. While the victim was leaving the store and attempting to load her purchased items in her vehicle, she was confronted by two white males.

While in the parking lot the victim was yelled at and called a “n- – – – -”. The female rushed the items in her vehicle and tried to escape the two white males while they were yelling racial slurs at her. As the victim fled the scene in her vehicle, one of the two white males chased after her on foot while pushing an empty shopping cart. The male violently crashed the shopping cart into the rear end area of the victim’s vehicle as she slowed for “speed bumps” in the parking lot near the front entrance area of the business. That aggravated damage to the victim’s vehicle not only caused her over one thousand dollars in damages to her vehicle but put her safety at risk while driving away from the two aggressors as well.

“After the damages were performed, both males got into a dark gray Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck and fled the area at a high rate of speed.

“The above-mentioned actions were captured on the Walmart Supercenter’s security footage. The two suspects were identified by social media, anonymous callers, and their personal Facebook pages. The suspects in this investigation are Dylan Reynolds and Michael Walters.

The Dodge truck used by the suspects was also located on Reynolds’ Facebook page and identified to be the same vehicle.”